We are in the process of releasing our new NBN plans. The pricing will be as follows:

12/1 – $40+GST
25/10 – $50+GST
50/20 – $55+GST
100/40 – $75+GST
250/25 – $90+GST
1000/50 – $110+GST
250/100 – $135+GST
500/200 – $185+GST
1000/400 – $290+GST

All plans feature:

  • Unlimited data, subject to acceptable use policy.
  • CGNAT (private IPv4) and IPv6 /56 delegated.
  • IPv4 allocations are available – $5/month for single address.
  • iPOE (DHCP) based authentication. Detailed stats via portal coming in Q3-4.
  • Business ‘style’ services, meaning limited contention at peak times.
  • Our network (AS138466) is peered directly with all local content providers and hyperscalers.
  • We offer options on termination for VPN type use cases of private cloud tails.

Please click on the plan of your choice above to get connected.